Community Enrichment

What are the Vista Grande Charter School Enrichment Activities? 

While most high school students do not need after school care, Vista Grande recognizes that not all learning and social emotional development happens in the classroom.  Vista high school students report interest in club activities but family and work commitments prevent them from participating after school. 

VGHS has an ongoing commitment to offer students’ valuable experiences to develop friendships, encourage enthusiasm for healthy hobbies and even learn potential future job skills.  For this purpose, VGHS offers a range of fun, free and safe club experiences.  

Clubs are led by community members who have expertise in the club subject and are hosted by teachers for safety and relational continuity.  Most importantly, every semester a club could look different as the students in the club help to design their club experience culminating in a final project of their choice. That project or product can be shared with peers, teachers, families or the larger community. It is Vista’s hope that the final project enriches the community in some way.

Spring 2024 Community Enrichment Activities

Vista Gardens at Taos Land Trust by TrueKids1 and VGHS Student Interns

Spoon River by Vista Students at Taos HIVE Peoples' Performance Project