VGHS Vision: 

A holistic approach to education focused on developing critical and creative thinking, character, and community involvement. 


VGHS Mission: 

Empower the school community to create positive change in an inclusive environment that embodies our shared values of compassion, authenticity and sustainable growth. 


Crews are small, mixed-grade groups where students start their day each week. They compete in fun challenges with other crews, reflect on personal and academic triumphs and challenges, and provide a support network for students.

Senior Passages

Senior Passages: Seniors show that they’re ready to graduate by presenting work samples that demonstrate mastery of key academic and personal skills. A panel of community members is there to ask questions and support each senior.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences: Once per semester, each student conferences with faculty and family members to communicate their academic and personal growth.


Mentorships: VGHS is lucky to be part of a community where professionals in every specialty—engineers, chefs, doctors, mechanics, artists, etc.—are willing to let our seniors shadow and learn about the rewards, challenges, and educational requirements of different kinds of work.